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Berlin, 8 July 2019



As part of the one-year support program RomnjaJazz, Tayo Awosusi-Onutor, Riah Knight and Matilda Leko, three musicians with a Romno background, will perform their varied musical performances at various locations in Berlin over the coming weeks.


The prelude to the RomnjaJazz concert series will be the joint concert of the three artists as part of the project “Kunst trotz(t) Ausgrenzung” at Ulme 35 – Space for Art, Culture & Encounter on 31 July at 7 pm.


Ulme 35, a former sanatorium in Charlottenburg-Westend, offers a meeting point for interreligious and intercultural dialogue between refugees from the neighbouring accommodation and the resident* of the Westend. The local association Interkulturanstalten e.V. organizes a variety of cultural and educational projects with the aim of bringing people together and learning from each other.


More concerts in the context of the “WorldWideMusic” series will follow in September in cooperation with the Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin. The series starts on 6 September with a concert by Riah Knight together with J.Lamotta Duo (Roman Klobe – Electric Guitar), followed by Matilda Leko on 20 September and Tayo Awosusi-Onutor on 27 September – all starting at 9 p.m.


The concert series WorldWideMusic stands for global sounds in Germany. Every Friday, bands and solo artists play genre mixes, transmusical fusions and crossover experiments and develop a new, exciting, previously unheard musical language!



Diversity and Woman Power


No one represents the diversity of Sinti and Roma and the growing power of women in the communities better than the three musicians Tayo Awosusi-Onutor, Riah Knight and Matilda Leko. But they have one thing in common: they make Berlin’s most exciting jazz!


The Afro-Sintezza of German-Nigerian origin, Tayo Awosusi-Onutor, sings with a warm soul voice and delivers a cool mixture of soul, RnB, jazz and Sinti and Roma music. The singer and songwriter knows how to interpret songs in English, German or Romanes with ease, as she is at home in different cultures.


The singer and composer Matilda Leko also stands out with her versatile and varied sound. Born in Vienna with Serbian and Roma roots, Matilda Leko began experimenting with different musical styles early in her life: from the sounds of her homeland to pop, rock, soul and jazz.


The Brit and Romnja Riah Knight plays Jazz Inspired, Downtempo and Original Soul, characterized by her charismatic singing, her atmospheric lyrics and a hint of folk. She has been writing and performing as a singer and songwriter for twelve years.





Salon concert RomnjaJazz

Ulme 35 – Room for Art, Culture & Encounter, Ulmenallee 35, 14050 Berlin

31.07.2019, 7pm

Free entrance



RomnjaJazz @WorldWideMusic

Workshop of Cultures, Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin


Admission: 15,- / 10,- (reduced) / 5,- € (with Berlinpass)

06.09.2019, 21pm – Riah Knight & J.Lamotta Duo (Roman Klobe – Electric Guitar)

20.09.2019, 21pm – Matilda Leko

27.09.2019, 21pm – Tayo Awosusi-Onutor



Further information and images can be found at www.romnjajazz.com. RomnjaJazz is a project of RomaTrial e. V., funded by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.




Anne Drees

Project manager



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